Energiasäästubüroo OÜ (Energy Saving Bureau Ltd) is establised at  2003  and is the biggest engineering ESCO in Estonia that provided most of the energy audits, energy certificates and energy related researches and design papers to the market.

At the 2013, on our 10th anniversary we counted over 1000 energy audits and termograph surveys, over 500 energy certificates, around 70 design papers, passive house modelling and other engineering researches.

We employ the best specialists mostly with the master degree and with higher energy auditing licences. Besides the housing sector we conducted complex energy audits for industry and services, including food processing factories, oil refineries, banks and hotels.

We are listed in the EU ESCO database and participated in the following EU wide projects:

2006-2007 IEE project “Commercial Finance for Sustainable Energy Projects” (CF-SEP)

2006-2008 IEE project “EuropeaN Efficient Residential Lighting INitiative” (ENERLIN) 

2006-2009 IEE project “Efficient Implementation of Energy Services in SME” (EFFI)

2008- 2010 Heureka Eurostars project „Smart Embed Sensor System” (SESS) 

2009-2012 IEE project “Promoting the development of an energy efficiency service market” (ChangeBest)